Omnichain dDNS and Ultimate Interoperability


The future of the web is using a hybrid of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 functionality. Web 2.0 is what the majority of us use today while Web 3.0 evolves the internet through better means of providing personal control over our data.


HinDomain provides the infrastructure to serve India and South Asia with domains and services that fit into the new Web 3.0 internet. For individuals, it is access to decentralized apps and enterprises and institutions. It is a complete system for digital transformation to the hybrid web


Domains for Web 3.0

Independence is at the Core of Our Mission


We stand for the freedom to be us. A freedom in creating a harmonious world where personal data sovereignty and censor free communication thrive..


We don’t limit anyone’s access to a Web 3.0 world with the desire to seek truth and question what is propagandized for us.


Our community of creators and consumers strengthen our resolve to build a future of global peace and individual empowerment.


We stand against moral codes of behavior toward our fellow beings. And we support efforts to tear down these types of individuals.


Freedom is and always has been a born right. We choose it every day and work to provide a better way for all.


The .bharatiya
blockchain top-level domain

bharatiya has a deep meaning for us. It is India. And it’s fitting that we offer bharatiya as our first decentralized domain (dDomain). We believe in the ability of India as a global center for all technology. Our people are skilled and our capabilities are endless.



By getting your own .bharatiya domain, you will show the world your pride and belief in India. And you will be able to use it for your wallet address, naming websites, identity access to decentalized applications and more.

Secure Domain Storage
Secure Domain Storage
Universal Username
Universal Username
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Blockchain URL
Blockchain URL
Payment Address
Payment Address for Wallets
Data ownership
Truly Own Your Data